Cattle Reports

Tullow mart report Friday 15th February 2019.

Steady trade today in Tullow with prices marginally improving again on last weeks trade especially for the forward type store cattle.
Beef and forward bullocks today selling from €650 to €950 with some exceptional lots up to €1000 with the kg for the heavier beef type cattle while we saw those HE and AA selling from €1.80 to €2 with the FR pushing from €1.70.
The beef and forward store hfrs again a very lively trade here for those forward cattle with plenty of farmer and factory agent around the ring selling in the region from €600 to €950 with the kg with a very lively trade for those AA and HE hfrs from €1.85 to €2 per kg while we saw the good LM and Continental forward type hfrs pushing up to €2.10 and €2.25 per kg.
The lighter store bks there was smart LM type bks presented selling anything from €2.50 even up close to €3 for some of those lighter bks around 300kg while we saw he lighter hfrs equally meeting a very lively trade selling from €2.30 up to €2.70 per kg.
FR cul cows selling today from €1 per kg up to €1.40 per kg for the feeding type cows out of the parlour with the fitter fleshier cows up to €300 and €320 with the kg for the FR types and the continental cows sold from €200 to €550 with the kg for the heavier type cows.

The calf trade buoyant with good shipping activity around the ring however those calves aged between 10 to 14 days meeting a difficult trade as shippers are standing back a little bit on these calves as they cant ship until after 14 days they selling from €25 to €50 per head while the calves somewhat stronger over 14 days selling from €60 to €90 for the shipping calves with some of the very FR calves up to six weeks pushing out to a tops today of €150. HE and AA hfrs from €160 to €240 with HE and AA bulls up to €300 with a couple of exceptional continental bulls breaking the €400 mark.
Next week is our beef and continental sale for the month in conjunction with our weekly cattle sale. Calves wanted every Friday for calf sale at 11:30am.

Tullow mart report Friday 8th February 2019.

Trade remains positive today in Tullow with plenty of demand around the ring for the forward type stores and beef while we saw a number of farmer type customers starting to show some interest around the ring for the lighter store type cattle.

FR cul cows sold in the region from €1 per kg up to €250 with the kg for some of the heavier fleshed type FR with the continental cows a little easier this week. Feeding type cows from €150 with the kg up to a tops today of €550 with the kg but overall a genuine selling trade for cows.

In the bullock ring the forward type store bks selling from €190 with the kg for the HE and AA up to €2.10 and €2.15 per kg given for some of the younger fit continental bks while we saw some of he FR bks selling from €1.70 per kg.

The lighter store continental bks over 400kg selling from €2 to €2.25 per kg with some exceptionally well bred cattle pushing up to €2.45 per kg with the lighter store bks under 400kg those FR selling from €150 to €200 with the kg while the good continentals selling from €2.10 up to €2.50 per kg.

The beef and forward type heifers HE and AA  sold from €1.85 to €1.90 up to €2.20 given for the good continental type beef heifers with the light plainer type stores HE and AA selling from €1.75 up to €2.40 given for good lively LM. One pen of 4 red LM heifers 375kg making €940 1 LM bk 575kg making €1320.

Very steady trade in the calf ring for the stronger shipping type calves selling from €50 up to €90 per head with some well reared FR calves upward  €120 , €140 while we saw some lighter FR type calves younger calves over 10 days selling from a base of €25 upwards. Continental calves hfrs from €210 up to €350 with one or two exceptional bulls pushing past the €350 mark with the HE and AA hfrs from €120 to €200 and some bulls up to €270 and €280.

We have a special entry of 25 suckler cows at 11am next Friday 15th February and our calf sale every Friday at 11:30am in ring 2 and calves and all types of cattle wanted for the sale.