Weanling Sales

Spring born Weanling Show & Sale Saturday 9th November 2019.


The Spring born Weanling Show & Sale held in Tullow on Saturday 9th November 2019 continues to set a glimmer of light amongst a difficult beef trade with over 400 head on offer.

The trade met with a strong customer demand for all classes of bulls and heifers but especially notable for the lighter type weanlings.

Weanlings in excess of 400kg bulls selling from €1.95 to €2.10 per kg with the lighter bulls also meeting a very lively trade the lightest bulls offered today from 250kg upwards and they selling from €2.10 to €2.40 per kg with the bulls 330kg up to 400kg selling from €2.10 to €2.40 per kg for the majority with some exceptional E and U grade types breaking the €3 per kg mark.

Again a very lively trade for the quality heifers with €2 to €2.15 per kg achieved for heifers north of 400kg with some exceptional heifers for shipping and these brackets making up to €2.80 per kg while we saw the lighter weanling heifers from 280kg up to 400kg and they selling from €2.10 to €2.40 per kg.

All in all a full clearance and plenty of farmer custom around the ring and also some exporter activity but the farmers winning out for the majority.

Weanling sales every Saturday for the month of November.

We would like to express a huge word of thanks to our sponsors our judge and to the exhibitors and to the following prize winners:



1st Des Butler

2nd John McGrath

3rd Patrick Hickey




1st David Rothwell

2nd David Rothwell

3rd Des Butler



Des Butler