Weanling Sales

Tullow mart report Weanling Show and Sale Males Saturday 21st September 2019

With over 300 head on offer at our bull weanling show & sale trade opened to a lively farmer trade with a very strong export demand noticed for the lighter type bull weanlings of the continental type.

Bulls over 480kg sold today from €2 per kg up to €2.20 per kg and a very lively demand for those well presented young aged heavy bulls of the R & U grade type.

Bulls north of 400kg again a steady farmer trade here with the plainer types selling from €2 per kg while the majority of those more shapely R & U type bulls selling from €2.20 per kg and up to €2.80 per kg got for some U grade blue types.

The lighter calves a very brisk trade due to the lively export demand and they selling today from €2.30 per kg upwards to €2.90 and even some pushing up to the €3 per kg for those R and U grade BB types.

Overall a steady trade amongst and unsettled time in the beef sector which could only suggest  farmers continue to show positive mantra for the beef trade going forward and this was recognised around the ring.

A word of thanks to all our sponsors and to our judge Mr. Derry Rothwell and a huge congratulations to the following prize winners:

Class 1 – Best Pair of Males

1st             David Burgess                                395kg              €1100

2nd            James Kavanagh                            505kg              €1160

3rd             David Rothwell                             490kg              €1130


Class 2 – Best Single Male

1st            Vivian Langrell                               415kg              €1130

2nd                 Liam Fox                                        420kg              €1020

3rd            Peadar Cowman                             470kg              €1090



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