Sheep Reports

Tullow mart report Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

With over 2000 sheep today on offer the trade could be reported as being similar to what we had for the last number of weeks.

Fleshed lambs over 47kg sold from €98 up to a tops of €104 with the majority between €99 and €102. Some forward store type lambs 45kg to 48kg sold from the early €90 up to €95.

Store lambs a lively trade with the lighter stores 26kg to 32kg sold from the mid €60 up to €75 with the clean ewes and weathers setting the pace while we saw the 32kg to 40kg stores a lot of farmer custom around the ring for these weights and they sold from €78 up to €85 with some 40kg to 44kg selling into the mid €80 and even breaking €92 for ewe lamb types. Some of the stronger ewe lambs today 48kg made €121.

Cast ewes broken type ewes sold from €5 with the kg with the younger fitter ewes up to €10 to €15 with the kg while we saw the heaviest of the store ewes out today out to a tops of €122.

In the brood ring hgts from €150 to €182 with 2 and 3 yr olds from €130 to €155.

A number of commercial aged rams selling from €120 up to a tops of €350 for younger SFK and CH types.