Sheep Reports

Tullow mart report Tuesday 2nd July 2019.


A smaller sale today but maybe that might be suggested to the positive weather and the stand off between farmers and factory industry over difficult prices for sheep. However in Tullow we could suggest that the trade held steady on last weeks prices with the factory and butcher type lambs over 45kg selling from €106 up to a tops of €112 with the majority between €107 and €109. The lighter fleshed lambs maybe a little easier as on last week  by €1 or €2 but lets not forget it’s the 1st of July with a lesser kill out and those fleshed lambs 40kg to 45kg selling from €93 and €94 up to €104 with the majority between €96 and €100 with some of those 44kg and 45kg over the €100 however we did see stores better by €2 to €3 on last week with a few more farmer customers around the ring with the prices for the high 30kg from €82 up to €90 for some well presented ewe types at 39kg 40kg with the lighter lambs 30kg selling from €74 upwards.


No great change in the cast ewes from €130 to €145 today for the heavy ewes with the store ewes selling anything from €20 to €25 with the kg and even up to €30 with the kg for the younger fitter type ewes.


We had our opening brood sale. Not a massive sale but a very genuine opening trade with the hogget ewes selling from €170 up to a tops of €202 with brood ewes those genuine 2 & 3 yr olds selling from €140 to €155 with some full and broken mouth ewes selling from a base of €120. Overall a very good clearance in the brood classes and our brood sales will be every Tuesday now for the remaining of the breeding season.