Sheep Reports

Tullow mart report Tuesday 3rd September 2019.

Large sale today in Tullow with over 3000 sheep on offer however the heavy lambs remained a steady trade with the well fleshed lambs over 45kg selling from €100 up to a tops of €106 with the majority between €101 and €103 with some of those forward type heavy lambs lacking flesh selling from €96 upwards.

The lighter store lambs between 26kg and 27kg and they selling from €63 and €64 for rams upwards to the early €70’s for the 30kg and 31kg clean ewes and weathers while the 32kg to 40kg lambs selling from the late €70 up to €85 depending on presentation.  Forward stores 40kg to 44kg meeting a lively trade and lots of farmer customers for all class of stores today and they selling in the region from €83 up to €95 with some exceptional well bred ewe lamb types out to a tops of €120 today.

Cast ewes the heavy ewes up to a tops of €132 with the store ewes €10 to €15 with the kg possibly a little bit easier here than we have seen in weeks previous.

A very lively trade in the brood ring with the hogget ewes possibly dearer by €10 even €15 per head today for the type of hogget on offer with hoggets selling from €170 up to €195. The 3 and 4yr olds selling from €120 up to €160 depending on condition.

In the pedigree ram shed the Vendeen’s had a very good clearance with a lot of rams between €50 and €400 and the Belclare’s selling anything from €350 up to a tops €600  and again a very lively trade for both classes.

Just to remind everyone that the week of the Ploughing we will have a sale on the Monday 16th September at 3pm.


South East Mule Breeders Group Show & Sale Saturday 31st August 2019.

With over 1000 sheep on offer all of that Mule breeding.

The ewe lambs were first to the ring and they met with an honest but steady trade throughout with some of the stronger type lambs selling from €120 up to a tops of €165 with one exceptional pen selling up to a tops of €190. The lighter ewe lambs also selling to a very steady trade and they selling from €90 up to €120 inclusive.

Again a lot of farmer interest around the ring for the hogget ewes with the champion pen selling out to a tops of €205 and lots of hoggets selling in excess of €170 with some lighter framed hoggets selling from a base of €140.

Overall a full clearance was had and a word of thanks to the judges on the day and to the stewards.

Congratulations to the following prize winners …………….

Ewe Lambs

1st        John Murphy                        €151

2nd       John Dempsey                       €140

3rd       Sean Murphy                         €110

4th        Michael Byrne                       €126



Hogget Ewes

1st        Paul Sandall                          €205

2nd       William Dowling                   €192.5

3rd       Mervyn James Langrell       €180




Paul Sandall


Tullow Sheep Breeders Association 2nd Sale Wednesday 28th August 2019.


The Tullow Sheep Breeders second Show & Sale continued to exceed all expectations with the ewe lambs meeting a trade equally as strong as the first day and if possibly not stronger due to it being a lighter type lamb on offer.

The majority of the ewe lambs selling today from €125 up to €140 with some of the lighter lambs 36kg to 38kg ewe lambs selling from €100 upwards. The first prize winning lambs and the reserve champion of the day  51kg making €181 with numerous lots in excess of €150 also. A full clearance in the ewe lamb ring.

We met with a smaller number of hogget ewes on offer but an extremely lively trade with numerous numbers of pens in excess of €200 and a very active demand for those stronger type hoggets. The fitter type hogget continued also to meet with a very steady farmer trade and lots of hoggets selling in excess of €180 up to €195 for those types with some very light hoggets only three or four pens offered selling from €160 upwards. Again a full clearance in this section with the prize winning hoggets up to a tops of €225.

In the 3 & 4 yr olds we also had a full clearance in this section with genuine 3 & 4 yr olds selling from €130 up to €155 and a very lively trade for the well presented 3 and 4 yr old ewe.

Overall to bring the Tullow Sheep Breeders 2nd Show and Sale to a close one could only say it instilled the confidence that the Tullow ewe can do what she is expected to do and there was plenty of custom around the ring for the correct type ewe lamb and hogget ewe offered.



Prize Winners




1st                  Patrick Kenny                                                                                   €225

2nd                 William Kavanagh                                                                            €208

3rd                 John Minion                                                                                      €208

4th                 John Bolger                                                                                       €185






1st                  Peter Behan                                                                           54kg                            €181

2nd                 James Walshe                                                                        57kg                            €157

3rd                 John Reid                                                                              44kg                            €145

4th                 Sam Driver                                                                            44kg                            €156

5th                 DJD Leybourne                                                                     43kg                            €150




Patrick Kenny                                                                                               €225


Peter Behan                                                                                      54kg                            €181






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Tullow mart report Tuesday 20th August 2019.

A large sale today in Tullow with just shy of 3000 sheep on offer and the trade remaining steady for the stores and possibly improved by €1 or €2 in some cases with the heavier fat lambs struggling to hold on last weeks prices but no notable difference either.

Those heavy lambs over 45kg selling from €95 up to a tops of €108 a big differential there but also a big differential in quality with the majority of those fleshed lambs selling from €98 up to €106.  Some stronger ewe lambs out to a tops of €120 with some of the store lambs the lightest store lambs offered today being 26kg and 27kg and they selling from €68 up to €75 one lot of 29kg 70 lambs in the lot making €74. A good steady trade for those stores 33kg up to €38kg meeting a good honest trade with the quality store lambs out to a tops of €85 for those 41kg and 42kg types.

Cast ewes €15 to €20 with the kg with the younger fitter ewes up to €30 with the kg and the heavy ewes today still meeting an honest steady trade up to a tops of €135 and a very honest trade for those heavy ewes.

In the brood ring we saw the hoggets possibly better today by €5 to €10 per head but in some instances the price not better but the quality of hogget not as good as other weeks and they meeting a steady farmer trade with the aged ewes broken mouth ewes from €100 upwards with some good genuine 2 & 3 yr olds up to a tops of €155 today.

In the Charollais ring we had an 85% clearance for their first Charollais sale in Tullow for this year with the Charollais rams selling from €350 out to a tops of €800 with the majority between €400 and €570.

Just to remind everyone on Friday 6th September in conjunction with our weekly cattle sale we have an E & U grade Show & Sale for Weanlings at 2pm and all weanlings have to be entered in advance for this sale.