Sheep Dispatch Dockets & Cattle Cards


Sheep – Mart Tag

A mart tag is a permanent tag for use for all movements of lambs under 12 months from the holding of origin to either a mart or to another holding.  This tag can also be used to send lambs direct to slaughter if you wish. A mart tag is YELLOW in colour and goes in the sheep’s LEFT ear.

Electronic Tag Sets

An EID Tag Set is required to identify breeding sheep born after 31st December 2009 when they reach 9 months old and all other sheep born since 31st December 2009 when they reach 12 months old. In addition, all sheep for live export must also be fitted with an EID Tag Set prior to export regardless of age, if they have been born since 31st December 2009. The mart tag goes in the sheep’s left ear and the electronic tag goes in the right ear. The older animals born before 31st December 2009 do not have to be electronically tagged.

EID Tag Set

One electronic ear tag for insertion in the right ear and one mart tag for insertion in the left ear. Both are yellow and the tag number on each must match.


All cattle presented for sale in the mart must have ear tags present in both ears.

All cards belonging to animals presented for sale must be signed by owner:

  1. On the front of the card if it belongs to herd of origin or
  2. On the reverse side if the animal has been purchased.

All animals presented for sale over 6 weeks old need to have their annual TB test in order.

All animals must have their BVD test done and cleared prior to being presented for sale.

The BVD test has to be done at birth by the rules of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

For further information log onto the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s website